Medical Licensing/Certification


This section features continuing education opportunities for physicians and registered nurses, with direct links to professional organizations - such as the American Medical Association - that sponsor applicable courses. Also addressed are licensing requirements for health care specialists, among them coding specialists, certified compliance professionals and registered health information technicians.

Medical Industry: Licensing & Certification

  • Licensing & Certification for Nurses
    Like doctors, nurses can specialize in the many areas of the medical field. In fact, advancement in nursing often entails pursuing certification in one of more than 200 specialties and subspecialties. While not required by law, holding a specialty certification offers another advantage.
  • Medical Industry: Training & Continuing Education
    Most doctors are well acquainted with the details surrounding board certification and re-certification for their particular specialties. That said, every discipline in these professions requires meeting certain continuing education requirements, which vary from state to state and discipline to discipline.
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