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Tips for Businesses Using Linked In Recruiter

Tips for Businesses Using Linked In Recruiter

I don’t know if you’re familiar with LinkedIn Recruiter or not. It’s a paid tool from the social network that helps businesses find the right people for their open positions. If you’re not using it, Recruiter may be something to consider when you are looking for talent for your business. It comes in two tiers: Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Corporate.

Small businesses dealing with the Lite version get: unlimited access to seeing who has viewed their profiles; the full names and profiles of anyone in their network; 25 InMail Messages a month (meaning you can send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn with guaranteed response - they return the credit if it goes ignored); a robust set of advanced search filters and search alerts, search-optimized profiles; “pipeline management” features (note tracking, messages, active history for prospects); and mobile access (Recruiter iPhone app, mobile site).

If you’re paying for this stuff, you should be getting as much out of it as you can because it can range from $99.95 month to over $700 a month.

One way to do this is with the saved search alerts feature. You can save a search with all your custom candidate criteria, and LinkedIn will add candidates and alert you. Just complete your search with all the keywords, job titles and filters you want, select “save as,” add the saved search as a project and add a title. You can also select the search box itself, review your search history, and select the save option from the appropriate search row.

Whenever you save a search, you can view the project dashboards, and see how many searches you’ve saved for a particular project. It will know how many new profiles match your saved search query. If you want to view the results, click on the number of new results and figure out the profiles you want to add to the project. You’ll be notified each morning of who has been added to a search. You can turn the alert off at anytime if you choose.

You can use the “smart to-do lists” feature when you’re on member profile pages. Just select add a note/task, then add a note and reminder date/time and save. Doing so will add the task to your to-do list. for example, if you want to call the person you’re looking at later, you can remind yourself to do so.

You can also set tasks by hovering over the to-do list icon and using the @ symbol to quickly link to a user’s profile, product or job. All daily tasks can be viewed in the to-do list drop down, and reordered if necessary.

You can select “upcoming” to see upcoming tasks, and once you’ve completed one, select the checkbox.

In pipeline management, you can use search filters to narrow your search to members already in your pipeline, so if you’ve already decided on the perfect candidate for a job, but it doesn’t work out for some reason, you don’t have to go all the way back to the drawing board. You can use the filters to search among those other options. If you’ve added a status (future candidate, contacted, screened, applied, referred), tag, review or note to a profile in the past, you can take advantage of that information by using the “people with” filter and selecting the appropriate options. You can search among people you’ve tagged, or among people you’ve made notes on, etc.

You can use these filters along with all the other search options - for example, if they have “product management” in their tags.

You can save your custom search filters so you can easily use them over and over again. Just give it a name, then you can find it in a drop down menu anytime you need it. You can still update them later and save over it or create a new one with added criteria.

They’ll probably be adding more tips in the near future to get you better acquainted with other features and tools. LinkedIn has created a new site called LinkedIn Minutes, which offers tips like these, with video demonstrations. If you’d like to see any of this stuff in action, you should check that out..

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