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Foursquare Lets Friends Check Each Other In

Foursquare has just announced that users will not only be able to mention their friends when they check-in, but actually check them in as well. The new feature comes with today’s app updates for both iOS and Android.

Yep, when you’re checking-in, the “I’m with +” button used to simply tag your Foursquare friends. Now, it’ll actually check them in.

Foursquare’s going with a one-time approval setup for the new feature. The first time one of your friends tries to check you in, you’ll receive a notification asking for your permission. And once you give it, they can check you in at any time in the future.

Of course, Foursquare has added a bit of a safeguard in the form of an easy delete button to get you out of check-ins you don’t want to be in.

Also, your own personal check-in takes precedence:

“Did your friend beat you to the punch? If you check in at the same place, before or after the friend check-in, yours will be the only one we show. So you can always get your photo in, or tell everyone what you’re doing,” says Foursquare.

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